Who we are

Our brand history,
our mission, vision and values.

Vika aims to establish a reliable relation with his Clients, a essential point on the loyalty of them.

Because of that, we have a solid brand, that communicate strength and, at the same time, dynamism. The embedded blocks represent union and the fitting to the necessity of each one of our Clients.

Our brand was inspired by art and by the simple shapes:

By the Legos, kids fitting toys, and the screws and bolts. By the Golden Rule and the paintings of Mondrian, as well as the brazilians Waldemar Cordeiro and Volpi.

And, finally, the palms and banana leafs are slightly remembered diagonally as a way to affirm the company nationality, as well as the green and yellow colors on it.





Vika Controls, founded in 2000, was born with the goal to provide high quality solutions for the industrial process control market, through the supply of instruments from world recognized companies.

At the end of 2013, another achievement was held by Vika Controls, with the move off to a completely new +300m² sized headquarters, located in a prime area on the heart of Sao Paulo, the biggest and wealthier city of Brazil, a change that make our Company believe more and more in a promising and sustainable future for us.

In 2020 Vika Controls completes 20 years of history, a very important milestone in our trajectory.


To develop and commercialize solutions for industrial and analytic processes control, that meet our Clients expectations in their pursuance to reach objectives and improve results.


To be known as a company compromised with the evolving of the national industrial system, with an efficient and collaborative performance between Clients, Partners and Employees./h4>


We guide our actions through the following values:


To treat all our employees and their ideas with dignity and respect, giving them autonomy and recognizing their initiatives and realizations


The satisfaction and realization of our Clients are the reason of our existence, we focus on an efficacious client care providing accurate and reliable information.


Vika Controls name brings with it a history of 14 years of success and service quality already recognized in our market.

Ethics and Respect

These are the words that surround Vika Controls growth and market relationships, always based on transparency, simplicity and plainness.

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